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Collective  Intentionality  -
henomenological Perspectives

What is intentionality? Intentionality is the power of our mind to represent things in the world and states of affairs. [more]

How can intentionality be collective? Not all of our intentionality is individual. There are joint intentions, common beliefs, and shared emotions, too. [more]

Why analyze collective intentionality? Collective intentionality analysis opens up new perspectives on the relation between mind and society.


...organizes the seventh Conference on Collective Intentionality. (more) 

...aims at introducing a new focus, approach and perspective into collective intentionality analysis. [more]

...is a research project affiliated to the Department of Philosophy at the University of Basel. [more]

...is a SNFS-Professorship funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation. [more]

...is carried out by a small team of cooperators over four years, starting September 2006. [more]


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