Hans Bernhard Schmid, Prof. Dr. phil.

Born 1970 in Chur (Switzerland)
Portrait Hans Bernhard Schmid

Academic Positions

SNF-Professor, University of Basel (Sept. 2006 - )

Guest Professor, University of Fribourg (autumn term 2008)
Senior Assistant/Lecturer (Philosophy and Theory of Science), University of St. Gallen (Oct. 2002-Aug. 2006)
Assistant/Lecturer (Philosophy and Theory of Science), University of St. Gallen (Oct. 2000-Sept. 2002)
Lecturer for Philosophy, University of Basel (2002; 2005-2006)
Acting Assistant Professor (Philosophy), New School for Social Research, New York (Jan. 1999-Oct. 2000)
Teaching Assistant/Lecturer (Sociological Theory), University of Basel (1995-1998)

Academic Degrees

Habilitation, venia legendi in Philosophy, University of Basel (Feb. 2005)
Doctorate, University of Basel (final examination Jan. 1999)
MA, summa cum laude (Sociology, Philosophy, Medieval History; Dec. 1994)

Areas of Specialization

Philosophy of Social Science, Social Ontology, Action Theory, Social and Sociological Theory, History of Philosophy (esp. Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy)

Areas of Competence

Philosophy of Mind, Theory of Science, Epistemology, Ethics, Political Philosophy

Honors and Grants (selection)

Latsis-Prize HSG, 2006 (jointly awarded by the Latsis Foundation, Geneva, and the University of St. Gallen for outstanding research) (Laudatio by Rector Ernst Mohr [pdf]) [PDF (92 KB)] (Picture [jpg] [JPG (18 KB)])
SNF-Professorship 2006-2010 (awarded by the Swiss National Science Foundation for the Research Project “Collective Intentionality - Phenomenological Perspectives”. The grant runs for four years and includes a team of collaborators)
Prospective Researchers Fellowship 1999-2000 (jointly awarded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, the Max Geldner Fonds, Basel, the Freiwillige Akademische Gesellschaft der Universität Basel and the Janggen-Pöhn-Foundation, St. Gallen)

Main Publications



A full CV including a list of publications is available here [PDF (100 KB)].

Deutsche Version des CV und Publikationsverzeichnisses: hier [PDF (101 KB)].