Conference on Collective Intentionality VII:
Perspectives on Social Ontology


University of Basel, August 23-26, 2010


Collective intentionality is widely acknowledged as an important topic in current international
philosophical research. The analysis of shared intentional attitudes provides a new approach to basic social notions such as the concepts of coordination, cooperation and communication. This rapidly evolving research field has attracted a considerable amount of attention from analytical philosophers and social theorists as well as from scholars from a wide variety of neighboring disciplines, such as economic and legal theory, cognitive science, and developmental psychology.


“Collective Intentionality VII – Perspectives on Social Ontology” will be held from August 23rd
through 26th, 2010, at the University of Basel, Switzerland. It will be the seventh in a series of biannual conferences on collective intentionality. Previous conferences were held at the Universities of California at Berkeley (2008), Helsinki (2006), Siena (2004), Rotterdam (2002), Leipzig (2000), and Munich (1998).  


The Basel conference will serve as a platform for exchange for scholars working on collective
intentionality and related topics, and it is aimed at setting a new agenda for the years to come. Special attention will be paid to strengthening the interdisciplinary impact and application of collective intentionality analysis. 


The conference will include invited papers delivered by the internationally leading scholars in the field as well as up to 50 contributed papers selected on the base of a double-blind peer reviewing procedure in order to ensure the quality of contributions. A Call for Papers will be issued in August 2009.

Local Organizing Committee:  
Hans Bernhard Schmid
Anita Konzelmann Ziv 
Juliette Gloor

Ulla Schmid


International Advisory Board:  

Christiano Castelfranchi, University of Rome, Italy (Homepage)

Frank Hindriks, University of Groningen, The Netherlands (Homepage)

Kirk Ludwig, University of Florida, United States (Homepage) 

Georg Meggle, University of Leipzig, Germany (Homepage) 

Anthonie W.M. Meijers, Universities of Delft and Eindhoven, The Netherlands (Homepage)

Seumas Miller, Australian National University, Australia (Homepage) 

Hans Bernhard Schmid, University of Basel, Switzerland (Homepage)

David Schweikard, University of Cologne, Germany (Homepage)

Deborah Tollefsen, University of Memphis in Tennessee, United States (Homepage)

Raimo Tuomela, University of Helsinki, Finland (Homepage)