Invited Speakers

Michael E. Bratman, Stanford (homepage)

Opening Lecture: Acting Over Time, Acting Together (abstract [PDF (33 KB)])


Christine M. Korsgaard, Harvard (homepage)  

Keynote Lecture: The Normative Constitution of Agency (abstract [PDF (22 KB)])


Barry Smith, Buffalo (homepage

Invited Lecture: New Foundations for Social Ontology (abstract [PDF (24 KB)])


John R. Searle, Berkeley (homepage)

Public Lecture: Language, Collective Intentionality, and Social Ontology


Ronald de Sousa, Toronto (homepage)

Invited Lecture: Skeptical Thoughts on Empathy (Symposium on Shared Feelings) (abstract [PDF (74 KB)])


Axel Honneth, Frankfurt (homepage)

Invited Lecture: Introduction to Symposium on Collective Intentionality and Recognition (I)


Kevin Mulligan (Geneva) (homepage

Invited Lecture: Social and Collective Persons: Ontology and Politics (abstract [PDF (31 KB)])


Christian List (LSE) (homepage)

Invited Lecture: The Democratic Trilemma (Symposium on Collective Reasoning) (abstract [PDF (29 KB)])


Raimo Tuomela, Helsinki (homepage)

Closing Lecture: Group Agents and Collective Intentions (abstract [PDF (41 KB)]) (ppt-presentation [PDF (127 KB)])